Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vallalar Principles

  • The God is one - and he is the Lord of ArutPerum Jyothi.
  • There should be no killing of animals(bali) in the name of Lord.
  • Compassionate services like poor feeding (includes feeding of all creatures) will lead the path to immortality - deathlessness (more than Moksha).
  • The Universal Brotherhood should be maintained for achieving the world peace.
  • Should completely avoid non-vegetarian and alchohol consumption.
  • There should be equality among all without the desparities of caste, creed, religion, language region etc.,
  • The bodies of the dead should not be burnt into ashes. It should be buried!
  • Compassion towards all living beings is the absolute real prayer.
  • Let all the souls of the universe live in peace and harmony! (Yella Uyirgalum Inbutru Vazhga)

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