Friday, March 4, 2011

Transforming Action of the Grace Light

The verses from JOTHI AGAVAL describing the transforming action of the Grace Light...

Verses 1449 - 1474

  1. The skin has become supple (flexible)
  2. The influx (the arrival or entry of large numbers) of the nerves i.e nervous current all over the body is vibrating with pauses in between.
  3. The bones have become pliable (flexible) and plastic in nature
  4. The soft muscles have become truely loosened
  5. The blood has become condensed within
  6. The semen has become concentrated into one drop and confined in the chest
  7. The petals of brain have blossomed or expanded
  8. Amrita is welling up into springs all over the body and filling it up
  9. Luminous Forehead perspires (Sweating due to heat)
  10. Luminous face brightens up
  11. Breathe full of peace becomes cool and refreshing
  12. Inner smile beams up
  13. Hair stand on their ends
  14. Tears (of joy) flow down towards the feet
  15. Mouth vibrates into the passionate calling (of the divine)
  16. Ear tubes ring with the sense of musically humming sound
  17. Body has become cool
  18. Soft chest moves
  19. Hands join (as in prayer)
  20. Legs revolve or spin round
  21. Mind melts sweetly
  22. The intelligence becomes full of light
  23. The will becomes full of joy & harmony
  24. The individuality has enlarged itself everywhere universally
  25. The heart has blossomed into the universality of feeling so as to be felt by the world outwardly
  26. The form of knowledge body has become blissful
  27. Even the spiritual egoism of the senses has gone away
  28. The tatvas (of body, life and mind on their lower levels) have dissolved away and are replaced wholly by satva, the truth principle or truth substance which alone prevails now uniquely
  29. Attachment to objects of the senses and to the things of the world has dissolved away and only the aspiration and will towards the illimitable grace grows and intensifies.
Derived from Arut perum Jothi and Deathless Body (A comparative study of Swamy Ramalingam with Sri Aurbindo and the Mother and Tirumoolar) by T. R. Thulasiram, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry.

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