Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Live the Grace Light

Yes Grace is available to all of us at any time if we are authentic in our aspiration and have compassion for all life. The old dogmatic religion have made us believe that Grace is only there for monks, priest.. No it is for all, it is time to accept our responsibilities. We are like the Divine original Light, the VAST GRACE LIGHT. Life gives so much abundance if we open to it; everything is there ready to be used.

For this to function, a minimum is needed, there is certain thing we need to believe and do.

  1. Believe in the Divine God head, the extension to our being toward a higher force, a force which is the origin of all things. Realizing the Self is not enough. We need to go beyond our limitation, open ourselves to more. Once we contact the Self, we are in touch with our Divine essence, good, very good. But what about if we want to realize paradise here on earth and transform this body into an immortal one. This is only possible with the descent of Grace Light in us. Then the outer Vast Grace Light come and mingles with the inner Grace Light in us. By this action all the cells benefit from this encounter and the transformation takes place.
  2.  We need to have respect and be compassionate toward all life. This is a difficult point for most people. If we respect all life how can we kill animals for food, especially that this animals are grown for their meat. They undergo so much suffering before their life is taken away. If we have difficult time with this because our physical body needs the meat and we are open to the new and are willing to change by compassion for all life, then do not feel bad. Slowly you get exposed more and more to the Grace Light the change will happen naturally in his own time.
  3. Be natural, remain yourself is a very important point. The change has to come from inside and not be an appearance. Grace come when we are relaxed, if we create an another person of ourselves, tensions will come. For example, a common person goes to a Tibetan teaching and is very impressed with all. Next day he starts to do the chanting, by a mala, change dress, take different attitude and says now I'm a Buddhist. Do you think this person is really a Buddhist? No, he changes the outside only. What is happening inside him, more confusion is present, and more veils are created. You are what you are, the changes can only come if you stay natural and have the inner experience and knowledge, be conscious of your dark side with awareness, aspiration to change and with the help of Grace it will come naturally. 

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