Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Avoiding Death

The true followers of Suddha Sanmarga are only those who have abondened the ways of religions and philosophies which are the chief impediments to the sanmarga, and who have by intuitive knowledge protected themselves by rejecting anger, sex etc., when they invade, and who have desisted from violence by killing and eating animal food. They can save themselves from disease, aging, fear, suffering and death etc. that is to say, they who, by a good effort of discipline, protect themselves from the phenomenal qualities of nature can avoid death by accident or any sudden cause due to the influence of planetary motions(kevala athichara maranam). By simply remaining here (i.e., at the place of the Swami's living) one cannot save himself from death. When grace manifests itself, one can experience the bhogas or enjoyments of the world, according to the conditions of his purity, but not (automatically) the knowledge-powers of the higher world (Para loka bhoga gnana Siddhis)

- Book of Oral Teachings

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