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Deathlessness--- Myth or Reality

Dear seekers of Truth,

In the year 1987, a book under the title Vallalar Maraivu, Siddhia, Maranama? was written and published by V.Balaramiah B.A B.L. Retired District Judge, an ardent devotee of  Vallalar. He has recorded in the introduction of that book that after his retirement he happened to read atPondicherry a monthly journal published in the name viddhagam. This journal published a series of essays regarding the real state of emancipation as written by the great poet Kandasamy Pillai of Yalppanam. It was written with so many evidences as to what is the state of deathless life. There was a contradiction between Vallalar and Kandasamy Pillai with regard to the state of deathlessness. When all have held that mukthi is possible only after siddhi, Vallalar alone held that mukthi is only instrumental for attaining siddhi, the ultimate. This engendered doubts in his mind as to whether vallalar has actually attained the state of deathlessness. It requires mention here that having been previously convinced the retired judge has already written and published a book under the title The Art of Deathlessness wherein he claimed Vallalar attained that state of deathlessness. Therefore, he researched thoroughly the Sixth Thirumurai of Vallalar as published by Balakrishna Pillai, Samarasa Sanmarkathar and by Ooran Adigal. But day by day his doubts only gained strength. At the end of his research he concluded that the end of Vallalarwas not due to attainment of deathless state but due to natural death or by murder. He regretted the conclusion of his research but held that he was not the cause. Balaramiah placed on record that the crown of his evidence was the diary written by Maraimalai Adigal dated 4th Feb 1912.

Maraimalai Adigal was also a staunch devotee of Vallalar. He also doubted the attainment of deathless state by the saint. He would have conducted many researches on the issue but they were not made available to the public. But his emphasis lay on his visit to  Mettukuppam  village 38 years after Vallalar entered into deathless state on 30.1.1874. His secret enquiry about the end of Vallalar from the elders of the village that Vallalarwas actually done to death and his body was interned within chambers ofsathya gnana sabai was diarized by him on 4th Feb 1912. It requires mention here that Maraimalai Adigal has extensively researched on the existence of soul after death. He has also written many books on the subject. Therefore, had he sincerely believed that Vallalar actually succumbed to death either natural or otherwise, he could have very well invoked the departed soul of Vallalar and ascertained the truth and made his findings public. It does not stand to reason as to why Maraimalai Adigal who believed in the existence of soul after death had not chosen to experiment with the soul of Vallalar.

It passes ones comprehension as to why of all the persons the staunch devotees of Vallalar should succumb to doubt and uncertainty despite the saint’s repeated assertion that whatever he says is nothing but truth as experienced by him. Judge Balaramiah was himself a scholar and a man of letters and was impressed by the divine works of Vallalar. It is painful to record that despite being a judge he simply believed the diary of Maraimalai Adigal written 38 years after the occurrence and considered it as an unimpeachable source to doubt the claim of Saint Vallalar. But much to our surprise, the judge has also recorded in the book that just as Tholuvur Velayutha Mudaliar wrote a counter to the marutpa of Arumuga Navalar, if any of the devotees of Vallalar writes about the contradictions in his book and publish the same, he would be more happy. He has also further recorded in the introduction of the book itself that he expected some of the readers of his book to state whether the decision taken by him was correct or wrong.

It requires mention that the book Vallalar Maraivu, Siddhia, Maranama? was published in the year 1987. Now it is 2009. After 22 years of the publication of this book, may be it is the will of the divine that correct state of affairs should reach the ears of the skeptic devotees of Vallalarhimself rather than the skeptic world.

Judge Balaramiah has not only failed to remove the chaff from the grain in accordance with the degree of proof warranted under Section 3 of the Evidence Act 1872 but also elevated hearsay evidence to the degree of proof beyond doubt.

Maraimalai Adigal could have categorically asserted that he did contact the soul of Vallalar and ascertained the truth from it instead of placing reliance on wild conjectures.

It is true that the spiritual world in its entirety is aghast with the state of deathlessness and invariably they considered mukhthi as the ultimate state of attainment but Vallalar placed siddhi as the ultimate attainment. Just because the voice of Vallalar was single does it mean that Vallalar has to loose by majority. When Einstein formulated the theory of relativity which faulted the very foundation of science of his times, there were other scientists to conduct experiment on the theory and come to a conclusion that the theory formulated by Einstein answered the physical state and quantum state. But in the case of Vallalar there was none to critically analyze what Vallalar said.

How many of the devotees know the scientific side of the saint?

The saint has scanned the entire span of existence in his contemplative meditation and declares that existence comprises of 10 states as detailed below in Song No.17 of Thiruvadi Perumai; in other words, there are eight steps in between god and manifestation:

God of energy

The scientific progress in molecular biology and molecular genetics are underway only recently. The scientists in this world would rise in respect and amazement if their attention is drawn to the songs in Thiruvadi Perumai. Vallalar asserts that only when one casts aside the quantum jump on the physical plane, the journey to the undifferentiated oneness could be experienced. It is a question as to whether such a soul which has ploughed so deep into the mystery of creation which the present day scientific fraternity is yet to know, would not have tasted the elixir of immortality.

We repeatedly hear Vallalar who has proclaimed to this world;

Neither shall I utter falsehood, nor do I exaggerate but utter truth

The spontaneous formation of a bond between two atoms always involves the release of some of the internal energy of the unbonded atoms and its conversion to another form of energy. The stronger the bond the greater the amount of energy which is released upon its formation. The bonding reaction between two atoms A and B is thus described by the following formula;

A + B = AB + energy where AB represents the bonded aggregate. 

Atoms joined by chemical bonds, however do not remain together for ever. There also exist forces which breed chemical bonds. By far the most important of these forces arises from heat energy. Here we can recall the sayings of Vallalar that by doing meditation in the name of god the body creates heat which is far greater in quantum than one practicing meditation in mountainous caves. Plants use the energy from the light for their chlorophyll during photosynthesis. In the same way, cell can derive energy from the heat which is by far the most important of these forces produced during meditation. Therefore, there is no dearth of energy which need not be replenished by any protein manufacture by the organelles of the cells. When there is no death of the cells the question of old age does not set in.

Subatomic particles join together to form atoms and atoms join together to form molecules and molecules join together to form cells and human body comprises of 10 trillions of cells. A cell in turn comprises of so many constituents. Life starts with a single cell at the time of birth.

Where from energy is supplied to an electron whether in its free state or in captivity within an atom? But human cell or any cell for that matter has to sustain on energy manufactured as protein. At the state of subatomic particles which are free as virtual particles, they are deathless. But in the state of cell death occurs. At the sub atomic state, they are with energy and in cell state they require energy and when it is not there, death of the cell occurs.

Vallalar has known the method to raise the deathless state available at the sub atomic level to the cell state.

The concept of Vallalar is that when there is death there is transmigration of soul. The person living in different bodies is the same soul which is known for its immortality. Therefore, instead of living in so many bodies by way of birth and death why not live in the same body without birth and death.    

The tree of life spread within the membrane of the cell is much more complex than cosmology. The genetic information encrypted in the genes is decoded and religiously complied with in cell replication. Mutation is a genetic jump within a biological state just as the quantum jump is within a physical state.

Science has taken steps to preserve the brain of Albert Einstein and clone the cells for continuity of the intelligence exhibited in Einstein. Intelligence is not encoded in the genes of the human beings. If it is so, by cloning we may have another Einstein without the intelligence of Einstein. But deathless state seeks to preserve Einstein himself with his intelligence intact. The meaning of life given by mortals is different from the meaning assigned to life in the land of immortality.

Till such time we resolve the meaning, reason would sub serve doubt and uncertainty.

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