Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Short Hints on Triple Bodies

The details of the three bodies namely Suddha deha, Pranava deha and Gnana Deha are as follows:

Suddha Deha:

Karya rupa; Para deha; Para feeling and consciousness; Para knowledge; Paratvam; Golden colour; 12 years of age; free from thirst, food, sleep, shadow of body, evacuation, urination, perspiration, senility of old age, and greying of hair, disease etc., hair, neither excessive nor deficient in growth; gold of the purity of aparanji (i.e., purified gold or molten gold); Karma Siddhi; Kalpadehi; Aparamargi. (i.e., follower of apara marga, the lower way, referring possibly to Poorva or the first stage of transformation; in Suddha Sanmarga).

Pranava Deha:

Karya Karana rupa; Parampara deha; Parampara feeling and consciousness; Parampara Knowledge; Paramparatva; Purity of gold of the order of 16 to 108 carats; 5 to 8 years of age; indescribable (possibly as to the youthfulness of life); body (i.e., Pranava body in itself) can be seen but unseizable to touch; Sarva Siddhi; Prana Kalpadehi; Para apara marga. (i.e., the higher-lower way reffering possibly to the second stage or poorva poorva stage of transformation).

Gnana Deha:

Karana rupa; Poorana Vyapaka every where; immeasurable purity; shabdamaya darshanam; sarva mahashakti; sarva swathantra. Form (i.e., the causal body in itself) seen and unseen; kalateetan;

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